2024-2025 Competition Themes

September 2024

Long Exposure Magic: Capture the essence of motion and time through long exposure photography. Whether it's silky waterfalls, star trails, or light painting, show us your mastery of long exposure techniques.

October 2024

Macro Marvels: Zoom in on the intricate details of the world around us. Explore the tiny universes that often go unnoticed with macro photography techniques. From insects to flowers, reveal the beauty in the small.

November 2024

Light and Shadow Studies: Explore the interplay of light and shadow in photography. Create dramatic contrasts and evoke mood and atmosphere in your images.

January 2025

Panoramic Perspectives: Expand horizons with panoramic photography, either by stitching multiple images together or cropping to capture sweeping landscapes and cityscapes.

February 2025

Symmetry and Patterns: Seek out symmetry and patterns in the world around you. Use compositional techniques to create visually captivating images that highlight repetition and balance.

March 2025

Creative Reflections: Experiment with reflections in photography. Whether it's capturing reflections in water, glass, or other surfaces, explore how reflections can add depth and interest to your compositions.

April 2025

Nighttime Wanderings: Embrace the darkness and explore the world of night photography. Capture the magic of city lights, starry skies, and nocturnal landscapes.

May 2025

Candid Street Stories: Document the raw and authentic moments of everyday life with candid street photography, capturing the essence of a place and its people.


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