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September 2021
September 2021
September 2021
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Members' Forum: Physics, Photons and Фun (6:30 PM EDT)
In spite of the intimidating title, the talk will focus on doing imaging projects and why the outcome is what it is - with common household objects.  May be not that common but surely in the vicinity of every photographer.
Laurie Beck Peterson - Contemporary Works Using 19th Century Historic Photo Processing (7:30 PM EDT)
Laurie Beck Peterson works in 19th Century historic processes. She will present her contemporary alternative photo process pieces from two bodies of work. Gum bichromate works from Visible Obscured, and cyanotypes works on paper and tree stumps from We All Fall Down. In addition, she will share recent eco-friendly plant-based explorations of anthotypes and chlorophyll prints. Laurie Beck Peterson is an alternative Process photographer primarily working in gum bichromate, cyanotype and platinum palladium. Her current work focuses on cyanotype on ash wood stumps and she has recently started using the sustainable processes of anthotype and chlorophyll printing. Most of her images are film-based, using a Holga or pinhole camera. Currently, Laurie teaches alternative process photography at Tyler School of Art + Architecture. It is there that she started a collaborative project between photo and architecture students to build a giant walk-in camera obscura on wheels. Her most recent project, We All Fall Down, began at the Schuykill Center for Environmental Education in Philadelphia. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in many private and public collections.
Club Outing - Chester County Balloon Festival (5:00 PM EDT)
9/8/21 updates in red  NOTE: the Chester County Balloon festival is at a new location this year: Willowdale Steeplechase Grounds in Kennett Square. Read on for more details. ALSO NOTE: the schedule for Saturday has changed a bit--the Balloon Festival website's schedule for Saturday September 11 shows the afternoon balloon launch taking place starting at 5:30 pm (5:30 - 7:30 pm)  with Balloon Glow 7:30 pm.  (On the tickets page of the Balloon Festival it says 4:30 launch, but that is the time people who have purchased rides need to arrive to prep for the flight - the actual launch is at 5:30 pm. BTW the "4:30" balloon launch is sold out.) I'll be arriving around 4:00 pm to see what the new venue looks like, do some street photography and shooting balloon prep & launch. Since this a new venue it's hard to know where we should meet up for a photo, but those who want to be in the club photo can look for me along the perimeter of where the balloons are being unpacked/prepped around 5:30 pm (unless they let us into the launch area in which case I'll be there). TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE BALLOON FESTIVAL WEBSITE HERE. $20 (but no refunds if inclement or unsafe to fly etc, though good for any day). Not sure if you can buy at the gate, or if it's possible they'll sell out if there's a maximum crowd size. Note: of 9/8 there are still 13,508 tickets left; to buy online they want your name address, phone number, email address, AND birthdate... IGNORE THE MAP ON THE DIRECTIONS TAB OF THE BALLOON FESTIVAL WEBSITE PAGE. The map's destination point is sitting on the Landhope Farms gas station / convenience store (as of this posting) at the corner of Route 82 (Unionville Road) and Route 926 (Street Road). This is close but no cigar: the two entrances I know of are both a short distance EAST of that intersection, on 926. There will be lots of signs directing you to: Two parking areas 1) the "Yellow House" entrance on Route 926, about 1000 feet East of the the int
Print Critique Group (2:00 PM EDT)
Intended for print photographers,  you are invited to join a small group of club members who gather in an informal setting via Zoom to show a few of their photographs and receive constructive feedback from fellow photographers. The meeting takes place once a month in a virtual setting in small groups so photographers can share their images and discuss their vision. This is a gentle and fun atmosphere that promotes friendship and learning for members only. Let Jim Samanen know if you would like to attend and he will coordinate groups and sign-in instructions. You can email Jim at
Mentor Meeting (Zoom) (7:00 PM EDT)
Introduction to Lightroom Classic and Importing Photos A must for photographers just starting to learn about how to import and save your photos.  Led by Buzz Mossholder, There will be plenty of time for questions. This event is for members only.
Workshop: "So, What Did You See?" (9:30 AM EDT)
Our 1st workshop for the 2022 season entitled.            “So…What Did You See?" Henry David Thoreau, the American naturalist said,            “The question is not what you look at but what you see.”  The concept for this workshop is that we all see things differently even if we are looking at the same thing. This workshop will be an interactive collaboration that hopefully will inspire photographic creativity. We will meet at the old West Chester Courthouse at the corner of Market and High Streets at 9:30 am. Attendees will photograph anything they want.  At 10:15,  we will take the short walk over to the West Chester Public Library  and attendees will share one  photo with the group.  Photographers will then get the chance to share…                        What inspired them to take this photo?           Why did they select this image to display?           How does this image make you feel? The group will discuss the photographer’s artistic vision and explore, as photographers, what we see in the image. The emphasis during this workshop is on what a photographer sees and captures and not on post processing techniques. The workshop will be conducted by our own Workshop Committee member Wayne Dixon. It will begin at 9:30am and will end at 12:00 noon. The workshop is for club members only and is free of charge. There is street parking available near the library, or you can park in the garage across from the Justice Center on Market St. This event will be limited to 20 members. To register, email Jim Wilson @ Please email Wayne Dixon or Jim Wilson should you have any questions:
Outing: Sleepy Hollow MX Motocross (1:00 PM EDT)
Motocross racing is about as action-packed as action sports come, and the "Sleepy Hollow MX"-park provides spectators and photographers with excellent visibility to the action - close up! This outing will be held on Sunday, September 19 2021 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. We will meet well inside the park where the very basic spectator stands are. Just follow the dirt road past the many pickup trucks and stray dirt bikes. Address: 3064 State Route 22 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 The entrance to the park is a little tricky to find and not accurate on google maps. The best way to get there is to use gps to get to "Esthers's Restaurant" at 2957 US-22, Fredericksburg, PA 17026. Once you get there turn on to route 22 EAST. The entrance to "Sleepy Hollow MX"-park will be on the right side after about 0.5 miles shortly before the entrance to interstate 78. There will be a car pool leaving from Panera in Exton at 11.30am for fellow club members who are fully vaccinated and comfortable sharing a car with other fully vaccinated members without mask. Please send an email to in you want to ride in the pool. Admission: $15 per person. CASH ONLY!! If you want to venture beyond the spectator section (the spectator section provides very good visibility) - and you are somewhat familiar with the flow of motocross (basically - always anticipate that a biker may loose control and get outside the path) then we are allowed to do that if wear yellow safety vests. I am bringing a bunch in case you don't have one.
Photo Competition - Good Deed(s) (7:00 PM EDT)
This competition is open to your own creative interpretation of the theme. Most competitions however, have competition theme descriptions and resource links, which can be found on the the Competition Themes page here.

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