Here are the instruction to upload your images to the Club Outings Galleries.


Please be sure your images not exceed a resolution of 1920 x 1600 pixels when uploading pictures.

  1. Go to…
  2. Make sure you’re logged in
  3. Hover over “My account” in the Menu Bar then scroll to and click
  4. “My galleries”
  5. find “Club Outings and Events” (click triangle sign to expand)
  6. Find current Club Year (click triangle sign to expand)
  7. Scroll to the current outing, which may be on Page 1 or a successive page depending on your computer screen size - the outings are listed in chronological order
  8. To the right of the correct outing click – “Edit and Upload Images”
  9. Click “Upload images into this gallery”
  10. Click “Select”
  11. Select the photos from your computer you want to upload - you can select them all and then  
  12. Click “Save images and Proceed to Edit Page”
  13. If you already named your photos proceed to Step 14; otherwise change any metadata if you wish, like photo names
  14. Click “Save any changes and return to the original page”

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