Penn State Great Valley Exhibition Framing Guidelines

The guidelines included below can be printed by accessing the Club Information -> Documents and Files to Download and navigating to Download Categories -> Exhibit Information -> Penn State Great Valley 2022.

All images must be matted and framed according to guidelines included below. Canvas wraps, gator board, metal prints, or any other print media that is not matted and framed according to the guidelines below will not be exhibited.

Framing Guidelines

  • Printed images must be under glass and matted.
  • Photographs must be fastened securely within the frame and not move.
  • Frames
    • Frames shall be black wood or metal, finish at the discretion of the exhibitor.
    • Frames shall have a minimum front reveal of 3/8” and a maximum front reveal of 1”.
    • Metal frames must use manufacturer-supplied clips for hanging wire.
    • Wood frames must have the back covered by an attached dust cover with flat eyelets for hanging secured to the back of the frame.
    • Sawtooth hangers are not permitted.
    • Use either non-coated or coated picture / hanging wire securely attached to the flat eyelets on the back of the frame. Wire should be strung so it is taut, positioned approximately ¼ of the distance from the top to the bottom of the frame. Its length should be such that the center top of the taut wire is at least 1½ inches below the top of the frame to prevent the hanger from showing above the frame.
  • Width
    • Minimum framed width shall be 16”.
    • Maximum framed width shall be 24”.
  • Height
    • No minimum height has been established.
    • Maximum framed height shall be 24”.
  • Mats
    • Mats shall be white or ivory.
    • Mats shall be a minimum of 2” wide on each side.
    • No maximum mat width has been established.
    • Double matting is not permitted.
    • Mats must lie flat against the glass and not curl.

Updated January 5, 2022

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