Showing and Selling your Photos by Jim Samanen - Members Forum Oct 11, 2023

Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Jim Samanen covered all the basics of different ways to share and even sell your photos.  And he shared compelling reasons as to why your images should be displayed outside of your hard drive.

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Document: Showing and Selling Your Photos - Presentation with Notes 11Oct23

Document: Showing and Selling Your Photos - Appendices 11Oct23

Photos are meant to be shared, not lost on a hard drive – shared with friends and family, with photo buddies, shared on Facebook, Twitter, shared in competitions and shared with anyone who might appreciate them. Photos can be put up for sale on the internet, in galleries and in art shows to reach a wider appreciative audience.  In this presentation, Jim Samanen delved into the details of showing and selling your photos.

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