Meeting Notes - Mar 11, 2020

Published: Thursday, March 19, 2020


Pictured is Sharon Harris with her pinhole cameras and images.



Choir Room ~ Westminster Presbyterian Church


MEETING ~ Howard Sundwall, president, called the meeting to order. 

          Due to the Corona Virus situation, Howard wants to err on the side of caution with regards to future meetings.  Effective immediately, the CCCC will not meet again at the Westminster Presbyterian Church during the month of March.  After tonight, the prospect of canceling in-person meetings at the church will be judged on a month-to-month basis.  Before the end of March, Howard will evaluate if we will hold our next Monthly Guest Speaker meeting on the second-Wednesday in April, as well as any upcoming mentor meetings and workshops.  Members will be notified by email; however, they can also find meeting information on the club website. 

          Members should plan on possible internet club participation with making the Mentor meeting a virtual meeting as well as Competition night a virtual meeting.  Bob Kelly will work on setting up these virtual events online.

          Howard hopes to have the newsletter committee continue working on and sending out a monthly newsletter.

          Club officer elections are scheduled to take place in May.  The election may have to be postponed until the fall if we are not able to have a meeting at the church.  Current club officers will remain in their positions as needed.



          Svenne Juul announced that future scheduled outings will be canceled due to the Corona Virus.  The Outings Committee will try to replace currently scheduled outings with places that are close to West Chester.  There will not be any carpools.

          * The first newly scheduled outing will be to Hopewell Furnace on Sunday, March 22, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

          Hopewell Furnace showcases an early American industrial landscape. Operating from 1771-1883, Hopewell and other "iron plantations" laid the foundation for the transformation of the United States into an industrial giant. The park's 848 acres and historic structures illustrate the business, technology and lifestyle of our growing nation.

The different structures offer many photographic opportunities in an un-crowded setting.

          Tripods are permitted and recommended for anybody wanting pictures from the inside of the numerous accessible building as they only offer limited natural light.

          Due to ongoing renovation around the visitor center there is currently no restroom access, but porta-potties are available.

          Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic there will be no car-pool for this event.

          For car navigation aim for the 'Hopewell Furnace Visitors Center'

Address: 2 Mark Bird Ln, Elverson, PA 19520



          Anita Bower introduced Club members Eric and Sally Loken who presented Greenland - Red Sails & Icebergs.



            Ginia Apostolacus introduced Sharon Harris who presented Pinhole Photography to the club.  "Pinhole photography, the art of lens-less photography is an intuitive process which can consistently produce surprising results. This most unique and wonderful gift is the reason this medium holds such power over me. These images, produced by cameras made from the simplest of materials, hold qualities and characteristics unique only to pinhole imagery. As I un-wrap my cameras in the dark room, a childlike wonder emerges in me. Through the Pinhole I can view the world not as I see it, but as I hope to see it; a curious, imaginative, and somewhat strange world."


Minutes submitted by Stephanie Vacek, Secretary

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