Speaker: Valerie Hoffman: Soft focus using Lensbaby and shallow depth of field


The event will be held on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

One of the best ways to create more unique and compelling images, is to render in a way that is not normal, or natural to the human eye.
There are a variety of ways to do that, but one that Valerie loves and tend to gravitate toward, is in the realm of Soft Focus Photography.
She is going to paint this subject with a broad brush, and show a variety of ways that you can create unique images that differ from all the rest.
We will discuss the more obvious ways-such as soft-focus lenses and accessories, as well as the role aperture can play. We will also look at how newer features in cameras offer several great options, as well. These include in-camera focus bracketing and stacking, in-camera double or multiple exposures and more!
Join us on April 12 when Valerie will share some of her favorite images, tips and techniques.



This event will be presented at Westminster Presbyterian Church as well via remote transmission. We encourage you to attend in person. A link will be provided the week of the presentation for viewing at home.

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Westminster Presbyterian Church

Driving to and from Westminster Presbyterian Church. Care must be taken when driving to and from the church, since it is adjacent to US 202 (on the southbound side) and this is a busy road with lots of fast-moving traffic. Traveling to the church from West Chester and the northern side. Drive south on High Street or US 202 Southbound. After passing Stetson Middle School on the right, be aware that West Pleasant Grove Road is the very next right-hand turn after the jug handle at the Stetson light (about 500 yards down). Slow down as you come to this turn, then make a right and then a left into the church parking lot. Traveling to the church from the south side. Option 1: You can come north on US and turn left into West Pleasant Grove Road but there is no light there and it’s a dangerous turn and not recommended. Option 2: Come north on US 202 and make a left onto Route 926, Street Road. Drive on 926 for 0.9 miles, make a right on South New Street, drive 0.6 miles, make a right on West Pleasant Grove Road, drive 0.8 miles and make a right into the church parking lot. Parking and entering the church. The church is a large facility and there are many entrances. We need to enter via the main entrance, which is a large feature of the church with a stone portico. You can’t miss it. Park anywhere near there; there are plenty of spaces. Please do not park in any restricted spaces. Leaving the church. To travel south, you can leave the church lot and travel south on US 202. Merge carefully! To travel north, note that you can NOT make a left onto US 202 northbound. You must do one of the following. Option 1: Travel South on US 202 to Route 926, then make a left and use the shopping center parking lot to change directions to the northbound road. Option 2: Leave the parking lot by turning left on West Pleasant Grove Road, then make a right on South New Street. New Street will take you north through the WCU campus and into West Chester. (Make a right on Rosedale to get back to High Street.)

Westminster Presbyterian Church
10 W Pleasant Grove Rd
West Chester, PA 19382

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