Club Outing - Chester County Balloon Festival


The event was held on Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

9/8/21 updates in red

 NOTE: the Chester County Balloon festival is at a new location this year: Willowdale Steeplechase Grounds in Kennett Square. Read on for more details.

ALSO NOTE: the schedule for Saturday has changed a bit--the Balloon Festival website's schedule for Saturday September 11 shows the afternoon balloon launch taking place starting at 5:30 pm (5:30 - 7:30 pm)  with Balloon Glow 7:30 pm.  (On the tickets page of the Balloon Festival it says 4:30 launch, but that is the time people who have purchased rides need to arrive to prep for the flight - the actual launch is at 5:30 pm. BTW the "4:30" balloon launch is sold out.)

I'll be arriving around 4:00 pm to see what the new venue looks like, do some street photography and shooting balloon prep & launch. Since this a new venue it's hard to know where we should meet up for a photo, but those who want to be in the club photo can look for me along the perimeter of where the balloons are being unpacked/prepped around 5:30 pm (unless they let us into the launch area in which case I'll be there).

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE BALLOON FESTIVAL WEBSITE HERE. $20 (but no refunds if inclement or unsafe to fly etc, though good for any day). Not sure if you can buy at the gate, or if it's possible they'll sell out if there's a maximum crowd size. Note: of 9/8 there are still 13,508 tickets left; to buy online they want your name address, phone number, email address, AND birthdate...

IGNORE THE MAP ON THE DIRECTIONS TAB OF THE BALLOON FESTIVAL WEBSITE PAGE. The map's destination point is sitting on the Landhope Farms gas station / convenience store (as of this posting) at the corner of Route 82 (Unionville Road) and Route 926 (Street Road). This is close but no cigar: the two entrances I know of are both a short distance EAST of that intersection, on 926. There will be lots of signs directing you to:

Two parking areas

1) the "Yellow House" entrance on Route 926, about 1000 feet East of the the intersection of Rte 82 and Rte 926. (For context this intersection is a bit over 2 miles due north of the town center of Kennett Square. )There's a yellow sign saying Yellow House, though it may be obscured by a gigantic arrow or whatever. When this fills up (will be fast) the second parking area is the

2) Willowdale Steeplechase "Parking Field," located 1000 feet farther East on Route 926 - this is a gigantic parking area; this entrance will also be plastered with prominent signage. (Those of you keeping track will notice that neither of these parking areas is the afore-mentioned Landhope Farms Gas Station the Balloon Festival website points you to.) I don't know if they charge for parking - if memory serves they haven't in the past.

The schedule on the Balloon Festival Websites is changing so refer to their website (same link as above) for latest info.

Event lists 101 E Street Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348 as address, but that is likely NOT the parking area address as described above; on Google Maps 113 E Street Road takes you to the Yellow House entrance, and 147 East Street Road takes you to the Parking Field entrance.

If you have questions or require further information please contact Dean Grantham.
Email: 484-888-8768

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